Monday, May 03, 2010

God (Bane)

God Bless.... why do these words always cause my body and being to have the same reaction... it's like someone has run their nails down the chalk board or that really high pitch sound you get when you turn something that is metal and lacking lubrication...or ear splitting shrieks etc....? Whew, that was a long sentence.
I am not a religious person... at all. Nothing organized. Even G.A. (Gamblers Anon.) was a serious FAIL for me because it was organized and involved religion (no matter how strongly they deny it being connected with religion, just a 'Higher Power'... it is. At least to me.) See people, I have no issue with what or who you believe. I actually find faith (true faith that is) a really gorgeous concept. I have been brought to tears by genuine healthy faith I have seen in another BUT that is rare. I have found in my 43 years that people hide behind their 'God'. They use it to be judgmental, cruel, selective, powerful, weak, angry, sad, etc. etc. They make bumper stickers, shirts, hats, buildings, jewelry, lunch boxes, and on and on. I mean religion is suppose to be DEEP, PERSONAL... not a fucking money/excuse machine for everyone to hide behind and or exploit! Like anything beautiful taken out of context and twisted into an ugly tool.... it just makes my skin crawl.
I see children being beaten, thrown out into the street, yelled at and shunned by the very people who are suppose to love them the very deepest, the most unconditionally. All in the name of religion. Of course there are the bombs and the killings and the sexual abuse in the churches of many faiths... but the kids hurt me the deepest. It is the most unforgivable. It is why I don't appreciate your 'God Bless' or your 'I'll pray for you'... I appreciate the thought deeply but please don't. I don't know who you are inside. I don't know that I would want you to be an advocate for me and God if I believed there was one. ITS TOO PERSONAL. It should be that way for everyone. A personal, deep relationship between you and what you believe that is in no way affected by what anyone else does or believes therefore you have no need to push it upon anyone... EVER, FOR ANY REASON, because it is YOURS.

I personally believe in the power of intention. I believe that what others call the power of prayer is really the power of intention. An accumulation of energy being put out their by many at the same moment can move and shift things (IMO).
Many times I feel a deep joy when someone says Bless You because I feel their intention. It's pure and loving. Most times it's not though. It's one of those 'things' people add before they end a conversation or to make people believe they aren't the screwed up wreck that they truly are. Like the word 'like'. I think adults use these religious based sayings like kids use 'like'. They don't even know they are saying it anymore. It doesn't MEAN anything.

Anyway, I am sure I have pissed a few people off but tough shit. I have to look at all your stickers on your car every day. I have to listen to your biased opinions destroy peoples lives every damn day. So deal with it. I have too.

hy·poc·ri·sy   /hɪˈpɒkrəsi/ Show Spelled[hi-pok-ruh-see] Show IPA
–noun, plural -sies.
1. a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.
2. a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude.
3. an act or instance of hypocrisy.
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1175–1225; ME ipocrisie < OF < LL hypocrisis < Gk hypókrisis play acting, equiv. to hypokrī́ ( nesthai ) to play a part, explain ( hypo- hypo- + krī́nein to distinguish, separate) + -sis -sis; h- (reintroduced in 16th century) < L and Gk

—Related forms
hy·per·hy·poc·ri·sy, noun


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